15 February 2012

Wednesday's Wonderings

In the spirit of this week's endless readings on labor history...and that one  time I had a dream where Karl Marx was my uncle and E.P. Thompson was my love interest.  And yes, I sent this to a friend (or should I say comrade) yesterday.

Why is discussing labor history so exhausting?  No seriously.  Why?  And scratch discussing...reading it too.  Dear Herbert Gutman, the fact that E.P. Thompson's approach/theory can be applied to the nineteenth century United States really doesn't do anything for me.  Okay, now that I have that rant out of the way, tonight in my colloq. on race and immigration we were discussing Lizabeth Cohen's Making a New Deal.  It focuses on industrial workers in Chicago in the inter-war period.  It's a pretty iconic work and she makes some pretty interesting arguments about the effect of mass culture on the development the working class and changes in their ethnic identities, but ugh...it's so long.  And our discussion tonight left me feeling totally drained.

But that could be because I feel finding like out if having a tonsillectomy is an elective procedure.  My throat is killing me!  Why do I always seem to get sick around my birthday?  Seriously not cool.  Let's just hope it doesn't turn into whatever I had sophomore year that left me in bed for three days (that I do not have any memory of), actually using my comforter as a blanket (which means something is seriously wrong, but that's a different story), and making my friends sleep on my floor because I was afraid I was going to die.  Here's hoping this Twinings with honey does the trick!

Speaking of birthdays...what should I do for my 23rd?  I've already decided I'm going to make the trek home to celebrate with the traditional party with my family.  I will also be making a stop at the old alma mater.  But I want to do something here in Bloomington too.  So what should we do Thursday night?  Dinner at Upland?  Or the women's basketball game against Wisconsin and maybe out for drinks?  Or have a breakfast food extravaganza?

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