07 February 2012

Tuesday Tune-day: It don't mean a thing...

...if it ain't got that swing!
I watch a lot of 1940s movies.  And last night, my favorite TV show did a film noir episode.  I was completely jazzed (yep, pun intended).  There's nothing better than a 40s movie with a hard boiled P.I. and a femme fatale.  And so all day today, I've been listening to big band music.  I went through a huge Glenn Miller phase in high school.  Probably because I played the trombone.  And swing music is some of the most fun (and most difficult) music to play.  I was lucky enough to be in a great pep band where we played Sing, Sing, Sing and In the Mood every night.  The trombone part in this Benny Goodman song is seriously sick.  It took me weeks to get it down.  Now I seriously want to head back to MCHS to jam again!

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