06 February 2012

No Movie Monday

No movies for me this weekend.  I was sucked into the black hole that is the television show, How I Met Your Mother.  I've seen a rerun here an there over the past 5 years or so, but now that the entire series is on Netflix instant, I am seriously in trouble!  So in between working on library assignments and reading my favorite history book of the young semester, I've been kicking it with Ted, Robin, Lily, Marshall, and  of course, Barney.  And laughing out loud.  A lot.  The premise of the show is genius and different from anything else on TV.  But I have just one question -- can I be Ted's wife instead of the mysterious girl with the yellow umbrella?  Because that would be legend.  Wait for it.  Dary.


  1. What's your favorite book of the semester????

  2. At America's Gates by Erika Lee. It's about Chinese immigration during the exclusion era. It's fascinating because it focuses more on the excluded than the excluders. It's a side of the story I'd never heard before -- ways they resisted, found cracks in America's "gates." And she works on so many different levels. She does transnational/borderlands stuff, but she never loses the voices of the individual and the everyday experience. Great stuff!