16 June 2011

Yes, please.

I just had to share this awesome proposal. Wow. I would most definitely say yes.

08 June 2011

Wednesday is for...


A ton of wind farms have been popping up in Illinois. And I absolutely love them. My sister may think they are ugly, but I find them to be oddly appealing. There's something lazy about the way they turn slowly (although I'm sure it isn't really that slow). I'm also a big fan of the clean energy that they provide. Way to go green, Illinois -- at least you're starting to do something right for once!

07 June 2011

Tuesday is for...

TOMS shoes!

Although I didn't wear mine today, TOMS is definitely one of my most favoritest (yes, I know that's not a word. But I fancy myself a wordsmith and hereby give myself the right to make up words) pair of shoes. And to top it all off, if you buy a pair of TOMS, they give a pair to a child in a developing country. You can't beat that! And that's why they are one of my favorite things!*

In case you haven't caught on, the theme this week is My Favorite Things. And I like alliterations, so chances are that theme will continue.

06 June 2011

Monday is for...

Maps are one of my favorite things. I have one that looks just like this in my apartment. And I have a feeling it will find a home in my new apartment too. I have another one that is surrounded by postcards. When I think about how I want to decorate my future home (yep, I'm a nerd and think about those things), I definitely want to incorporate some vintage maps.

03 June 2011

I'm in love...

...with Dick Van Dyke. Circa 1961.
This summer I have made it my goal to watch every episode of the Dick Van Dyke Show.
I also need to pick up this memoir. ASAP.

02 June 2011

I give up...

I hereby tender my resignation as a participant in the 30 Day Photo Challenge. I epically failed at it. Epically. But here's one thing I don't fail at -- buying things online! Tonight, in my I-almost-went-blind-in-my-left-eye-today-but-now-I'm-okay-so-let's-celebrate mood (or maybe it was the meds), I bought a retro record player and some vinyl. Check, check, check it out!
Isn't she a beauty?!
I also had to buy some new vinyl to add to my collection. I went with The Civil Wars. Seriously awesome folk music if you're in to that kind of thing.