16 February 2012

Isn't She a Beauty?

What were you expecting?  A baby?  A dog?  Maybe a car?  Nope.  Try a pizza.  Half a pizza to be exact. I know I've mentioned my cooking adventures before, and how they usually end with the smoke detector going off.  Or how I once stood on the other side of the room while a friend made lemon bars because I was afraid my mere presence would ruin them.  But as of late, I've been doing pretty good in the kitchen.  And I was proud of my fresh mozzarella and oregano pizza I made tonight.  It was the cheese that did it for me.  I think I could spend a significant portion of my paychecks just on cheese.  I don't know if I've ever met a cheese I didn't like.  Or any dairy product for that matter.  Which is making this sore throat/cold I have all the more unbearable.  No milk for this kid!  Here's hoping I get better soon, or I'll be going through withdrawals!

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