21 February 2012

Tuesday Tune-Day: Chillin' Like Bob Dylan

I absolutely love the 1960s.  Favorite decade hands down.  I have many loves in this time period.  Lyndon Johnson.  Civil Rights.  Bobby Kennedy.  The Lunar Landing.  Jack Kerouac (and speaking of Kerouac, I cannot wait for the Polish Brothers' new movie Big Sur to come out. It's based on his memoir-ish novel and features Stana Katic as Lenore Kandel). The rise of feminism.  Mary Poppins.  French New Wave.  Johnny Cash.  The demand for individual freedom.  And this guy...Bob Dylan.

I first fell in love with Robert Zimmerman of Minnesota during my sophomore year of undergrad.  Sure, I knew his most well-known songs before then, but in my History of American Music class I fell in love.    That was the year I fell in love with pretty much everything to do with the 1960s.  And Dylan's music is the soundtrack to the decade.  His lyrics were protest.  His words were the words of a generation pushed to the brink.  He was the guiding spirit of the counterculture.  His songs embodied the anti-war and civil rights movement.  Like Woody Guthrie, his songs had an intellectual quality.  They were literature.  They were poetry.  And best of all, they are still relevant today.

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