24 March 2011

I have a gypsy soul to blame...

First of all, let me just say that I am addicted to stumbleupon.com. And this new found addiction feeds my craving to peruse travel websites. At any given time, there's a pretty good chance that I'm daydreaming of some faraway place. Blame it on my gypsy soul (I heard this phrase in a country song -- and it is the perfect descriptor of how I feel).

So here are some of the sites that caught my eye today:

10 Wonderful African Islands: Yes, please. Sign me up. I have always had a fascination with the continent and these photographs are breathtaking!

Timezone Check: It fascinates me to know what time it is in different places of the world -- to know that it's always morning somewhere. Or that it's tomorrow in some distant corner of the world.

43 Places: This site is perfect for people like me. Keep track of places you've been and places you want to go!

15 March 2011

My New Home?

There are exactly two months until graduation!!! It's so exciting! And so scary! There is so much to accomplish in those 35 class days that remain. It's crazy to think that I don't know where I'll be this time next year...or do I? I spent my spring break in North Carolina. I loved it, but I just don't know if UNC is for me. As of right now, I am 97.32% sure that I'm going go to graduate school at Indiana University in Bloomington. So here's some interesting facts on could quite possibly be my home for the next 2+ years.
This is Sample Gates. It's the oldest part of campus. And it is beautiful!

1. It is the county seat of Monroe County.
2. It has a population of 80,405
3. Indiana University was established in 1820. It has over 40,000 students, and is one of the five most beautiful college campuses in America.
4. It is the hometown of Hoagy Carmichael and John Mellencamp
5. A hoosier is a woodsman or a rough hill person.

03 March 2011

The Greatest Dinner Party Ever Assembled

If I could throw a dinner party and invite anyone, dead or alive, this would be my list:

1. Amelia Earhart -- such a strong woman. She's my hero.
2. Lyndon Johnson -- my favorite president. He's so misunderstood.
3. Katharine Hepburn -- best movie actress of all time. Another strong woman.
4. Colin Firth -- my current movie actor crush. The accent -- enough said.
5. Nathan Fillion -- my TV star crush. I love his show Castle. He's adorable...and so funny!