12 February 2012

The Magical Powers of Flight of the Concords, Whitney Houston Breakfast, and Basketball Pilgrimages

Look at that cheesy grin -- like a kid in a candy store!

So what do those three insane things have in common?  They are the ingredients to an awesome weekend. So awesome that I almost forgot I was working on a paper that's worth 35% of my grade.

The Flight of the Concords -- aka Bret and Jemaine have magical powers.  I've known this since freshman year.  They gave a whole new meaning to the phrase "business time."  And gave us endless laughs about the Hiphopopotomus vs. the Rhymenoceros.  So when one of their songs played on my 8tracks yesterday I sent to a text to someone I haven't talked to in months.  I'm not saying that Flight of the Concords healed our friendship, but they definitely sent us on the right path.  So thanks, guys.  And, there ain't no party like my nana's tea party! (Look them up and you'll get the reference...and you'll probably laugh uncontrollably).

Oh, the first annual Whitney Houston Memorial Breakfast.  Upon her death flashing across my newsfeed, a friend and I decided to honor Whitney the only way we knew how...by playing her songs on a continuous loop -- especially I Wanna Dance With Somebody -- and attempting to find a place that serves breakfast 24 hours a day in Bloomington.  I guess I should have mentioned that we wanted to get breakfast at 9 pm...after we had just eaten ice cream.  So after some serious searching (I really put those librarian skills to use), we found that Sonic was just about it.  So we went through the drive-thru for breakfast sandwiches, tots, and coffee.  And then we went home and jammed.  And. it. was. awesome.  P.S.  I Wanna Dance With Somebody is still in my head.  And probably will be until April.

Then this afternoon I made my first trip to Assembly Hall to watch some Indiana basketball.  It was a women's game and I got in for free, but still. I saw those five legendary banners on the wall.  And just being close to the court was incredible.  Bobby Knight, Isiah Thomas.  'Nuff said.

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