26 January 2012

This or That Thursday

Oranges or Apples? Apples -- Granny Smith to be specific.
Night or Day? Day -- there's something great about getting up and accomplishing things in the morning.
Plane or Train? Plane...I have a thing for airplanes/aviation. Although I probably travel more by train.
Ice cream or Cake? Ice cream -- definitely. I'm not a cake person.
Small town or City? To live -- small town.
NY or LA? New York -- I've never been to, nor do I plan to visit, Los Angeles.
Eyeliner or Mascara? Both (Although, I will admit that my sister just taught me how to put on eyeliner this year).
Hamburgers or Hotdogs? Hotdogs -- especially at the ball park.
Pen or Pencil? Pencil -- almost always. Unless I'm writing my grocery list on my hand.
Summer or Winter? Tough one -- I don't really like the extremes, but if I had to choose I would say summer -- I like running in the heat and getting a tan!

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