23 January 2012

Movie Monday: Two Weeks Notice

OK, so I'm going to mix things up a bit. Mondays will now be my movie days. My favorites, what I've watched recently, etc. Brace yourselves. For someone who acts very busy with grad school/work, I somehow find a lot of time to watch movies.

This past weekend I made the journey home to IL to kick it with my family for the weekend. My mom, sister, and I have a very productive Saturday making Valentines and homemade pizza. Then to top it off, we watched one of our all-time favorite movies -- Two Weeks Notice. Sandra Bullock and Hugh Grant, does it get much better than that? I'm a fan of pretty much everything Sandra Bullock does. From Miss Congeniality to The Blindside. Even The Lakehouse. And Hugh Grant? Excuse me while I wipe away the drool.

Anywho, Bullock plays a hippie lawyer who's trying to save the beloved community center in her NYC neighborhood. She lands a job working for Grant, a land developer who (initially) wants to tear down said community center. Grant is a playboy who can't do anything for himself and Bullock essentially is a glorified babysitter. She gets fed up and puts in her two weeks notice. But...of course...they fall in love. It wouldn't be a mindless romantic comedy without that.

This movie is one of my favorites because I could totally see myself lying down in front of a bulldozer (like Bullock's character does in the opening scenes) in an attempt to save a historical building. I hate it when old buildings with so much character are torn down. I literally hurt inside. On the other hand, this movie is hilarious. Nothing beats a little office humor!

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