26 June 2012

Tuesday Tune-Day/Quote of the Weekend

Quote of the weekend: "The clothes in style right now look like what my Barbies wore when I was a kid."  Yep, I said that while shopping with my sister and mom on Saturday.  I was a child of the 90s.  And yes, contrary to popular belief, I played with Barbies.  Okay, so maybe I just set up their house and picked out their clothes before I got too bored and played with Hotwheels or went outside to play basketball, but still.  Lots and lots of neon.  Lots of tribal print.  So in honor of  the best decade ever, here's something that's been spinning on my iTunes as of late.  A little UB40, circa 1993 (the year my life changed forever and I was no longer an only child).

I've been getting back into reggae lately too.  Not that UB40 is reggae -- unless you like a completely sanitized and watered down version.  But it just sounds like summer, and it reminds me of the music that played on the streets of Grenada.  Oh, if only...

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