11 June 2012

Monday...Sans Movie

No movies this weekend.  Just time spent at home (mostly in the pool...or eating 69-cent peach pies from Popeye's) with my family in Illinois.  This is the wreath my mom and I made for Mother's Day last month.  Pretty awesome, right?  Thanks for the idea, Pinterest!  And my sincerest apologies to mi madre that her gift came "Some Assembly Required."

I ate lunch at my grandparents' pretty much every day I was home.  They have a dinner bell.

 And then when I returned to Indiana this morning, I brought a little piece of Illinois back with me.  Senator Everett McKinley Dirksen's Illinois, that is.  He was a huge fan of the marigold.  So much so that his hometown of Pekin holds the Marigold Festival every fall in his honor.  Now Senator Dirksen's favorite flower has home on my porch!

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