06 June 2012

How Do You Milk An Almond, Anyway? (And Other Random Things On My Mind)

No Seriously.  How do you milk an almond?  The almighty Wikipedia tells me that you just put ground almonds in a blender with some water.  And that the stuff has been around since the Middle Ages.  Interesante.  My summer of forced lactose intolerance has me on a quest to find the most dairy-like, but lactose-free milk products.  I love milk.  Like seriously love it.  Like lactose-induced coma love it.  Like my family used to have a gallon for the family and a gallon just for me love it.  Like I drink it even when I get in from a run love it.  So telling me I can't have milk?  It's up there on the lists of the most horrible things that could happen to me.  I couldn't stomach the soy milk, but the almond milk has done the trick!

Are my arms seriously sore from...lifting archival boxes? Seriously?  Toughen up, Grebner!  Maybe it's time to hit the weights again -- but in my defense some of those boxes are crazy heavy. And I've spent the last  three days at work shifting files and boxes in the Legislative series of Birch Bayh's Senate papers. However, I do feel like I've come a long way from the 13-year-old who asked for a weight bench for her birthday.  Or the freshman in college who spent every morning in the weight room before class.  Now I'm just an out of shape librarian!

Speaking of librarians...why did I think reading 3 books at once was a good idea?  I guess I just got a little over-excited at my ability to read for fun.  Maybe that should be "for fun."  A biography of the founder of the Girl Scouts, a history of the U.S. Senate, and an exploration of the unmooring of American military power.  Those aren't exactly your typical poolside reads.  I'm about a third of the way in to all three of them.  Hopefully this weekend I'll find some motivation!

Can I get one of these jerseys?  Stat.  Maybe they are a little Where's Waldo-esque, but they are still seriously sharp.  They caught my eye when they came out online a month or so ago, but now that I've seen them on the pitch I decided must have one!  #20 Wambach,  I think.  Although #15 Megan Rapinoe has some sick moves.  And she used to play for Chicago.  It's time to start gearing up for the Summer Olympics (aka my favorite of every four years)!  USA!

What am I going to do this weekend? After work and a trip to the doc tomorrow, I'm heading back to Illinois for the weekend.  But have absolutely zero plans.  Maybe I'll head out to the Tremont Turkey Festival.  Or to a Peoria Chiefs baseball game downtown.  I do know that there is going to some serious pool time in my future!

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