04 June 2012

Movie Monday: Diamond Jubilee Style

So all this talk about the Queen's Diamond Jubilee got me in the mood to watch this film.  That and my sister is at Oxford right now.  Probably taking part in some kind of Jubilee activity as I write this.  She said the church bells were ringing for four hours yesterday.  I can't even imagine what it's like to be there right now!  I find all the pomp and circumstance and tradition fascinating.  We just don't really have anything that compares in the U.S.  Presidential Inaugurations?  I know how excited I was for Obama's back in '09.  Tears streaming down my face as I witnessed history.  But a Royal Wedding?  A Diamond Jubilee?  It's way cooler.  And this movie was fantastic.  I mean, come on, Fred Astaire dances on the ceiling.  Does it get any better than that?  The film tells the story of a brother and sister dance duo who head across the pond to perform at the festivities surrounding Liz's wedding.  Just what I needed on a lazy Sunday afternoon!

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