25 June 2012

Movie Monday: To the Drive-In!

On Saturday night, my sister and I made our first ever trip to a drive-in theater! 
We drove just outside Bloomington, Indiana to the Starlite Drive-In to see the new Disney/Pixar movie, Brave.  The Fighting Scot in me was way too excited about this movie.  And I was totally stoked to see a fierce female protagonist in a kids' movie.  It was kind of a throwback to Mulan for me -- only better.  More feminist-y I think.  If I had a daughter, I totally wouldn't care if she looked up to Merida -- not that I looked up to Mulan or anything.  I still listen to "Let's Get Down To Business" when I need a little motivation (to defeat the Huns).  Anyway, the movie was good -- and it has a great soundtrack by the way, the atmosphere was awesome, and my company wasn't too bad either. 

My sister and I decided that we want to open up a drive-in in our hometown.  Ahh...maybe someday.

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