02 May 2012

Wednesday's Word is...

AKA ugh.
I mean what purpose does it really serve?  Other than making things sticky.  Causing posters to fall off the walls.  Making my hair so crazy that it probably frightens people.  Making you sweat as you walk from the IMU to the library.  I'm pretty sure I arrived here looking like I had just run a marathon.  

Okay, I know that there is probably some meteorological reason why we need it. I mean I know we need moisture. But I think Bloomington, Indiana might be the next Amazon.  Today (and last night) just reaffirmed that I would rather be cold than hot any day. Unless I can soak up the A/C and relax by the pool.  Or have nowhere to go.

Whether I'm a fan of humidity or not, summer is officially here!  School is out! Everything is turned in!  Summer school starts on Tuesday...

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