09 May 2012

This I Believe...

I believe in the power of saying thank you.  I believe in the power of being grateful.  I believe in sending hand-written thank you notes.  I hated writing them as a kid.  But my mama raised me right, so after every birthday or Christmas or graduation out came the stationery.  At the time, I didn't really understand what it meant to be grateful.  I usually asked my mom what I should write and then I would quickly scribble the same thing in all of them.  But along the way, something changed.  I have grown to love writing thank you notes.  I want people to know that I care.  I want them to know that I appreciate them.  I want them to know that I took the time to write a handwritten note.  I love getting mail -- and so I want to share that love with others.  

But importantly, somewhere along the line, I learned to truly be grateful.  I recall a time during my freshman year of college -- I was walking across the beautiful campus of Monmouth College, the autumn leaves changing to deep yellow, and it struck me -- I didn't have to be there.  It wasn't a right, it was a privilege.  A privilege that I should be thankful for.   So during those four years, I became a prolific thank you note writer.  It's a habit that will most definitely continue, and I hope one day I can instill the same sense of thankfulness in my own children.

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