21 May 2012

{No Time For A} Movie Monday

This weekend didn't exist.  No really.  In my summer school grad student universe there was no Saturday or Sunday.  I went to class both days.  Working 9-5.  Okay, I apologize -- I had to insert a Dolly Parton movie reference.  But that's as close as I got to some downtime spent watching a movie.  No Redbox trips, just grant-writing.  I'm working on a proposal to start a library program for the homeless -- pretty awesome stuff -- even if it is just pretend.  Honestly, it's been a great class and will help me immensely.  I just feel like today is Wednesday, not Monday.

But on Saturday night, I did find some time to do some back porch sitting with a good friend and her dog.  And funfetti cake (which interestingly is the only kind of cake I will eat).  And huge cans of Rolling Rock.  We are two classy broads, let me tell you!  Nothing beats beer and cake and a good heart to heart.

That reminds me.  I love porches.  I don't know what it is about them, but my future home must have one.  Preferably one that looks like this: 
I love our front porch at home.  And our deck.  There is going to be some serious poolside deck time in my future starting Thursday.  The forecast is calling for temps in the 90s and I am so stoked to hop in the pool for the first time this summer!  Nothing beats a good book, a comfortable chair on the deck, the warm sun on your skin, a cool drink in your hand, and the smell of chlorine in your hair!

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