23 April 2012

No Movies, But I Think I Have a Problem...

I am seriously addicted to The Mentalist.  As if I need another crime show to watch.  Part of me is also a little worried that I'm so drawn to crime. What does this say about me? First, it was the Boxcar Children -- they solved crimes, right?  Then it was Nancy Drew.  Harriet the Spy.  Sherlock Holmes.  Bones.  Castle.  Now The Mentalist.  I'm still holding out on Law & Order -- although I'm sure I'll give in eventually.  I finished up the first season this weekend and started on the second.  I've found that I watch way more TV in grad school than I ever did as an undergrad or in high school.  And it's funny because I don't have cable -- or any channels at all.  

And I'm also slightly obsessed with Simon Baker right now.  There's nothing better than an Australian surfer in a three piece suit drinking tea.   I'm not gonna lie, I have a picture of him from a magazine on my closet door.  Yes, I think I might be thirteen again.

Hopefully, I can cut back on my addiction (but let's be serious, I'm not talking cold turkey here) and get some work done this week!  Just three more days of class and then it's final paper time!

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