20 April 2012

fill in the blank friday

1.  Today is a great day because,   I can stay home all day and get some reading done.  In fact, I may just read in bed all day.  20th century immigration policy is such a page turner!   .

2.   Tomorrow I will    be driving to Tuscola, Illinois to hang out in Amish country with my family for the day.   .

3.  My favorite time of day is     the morning       because     I love when the sun comes up and birds start chirping.  Everything seems clean and new.  And I get to have coffee and cereal.  We all know that I'm generally a fan of breakfast  .

4. Sometimes you just have to    .throw caution to the wind and do what you want to do for awhile.  Forget the to-do list for an hour or so.  Go get coffee with a friend in the afternoon instead of doing reading.  Take a break from studying to go get ice cream.  P.S.  The peach softserve from Jiffy Treet totally made my night last night.

5. A song that I just can't get enough of lately is   " "That Moon Song" by Gregory Alan Isakov.  Actually, anything by Isakov is great.  Hauntingly beautiful folk music.  Check it out if you're into that kind of thing.  I know I'm definitely going to pick up his album the next time I have any cash!

6. My favorite accessory is    my watch -- I'm not sure what this says about me and my obsession with time, but it's true.  It's white and pretty awesome.  It also looks expensive from far away, but in reality it was like 15 bucks at Charming Charlie.  .

6. My favorite thing about this week was    turning in my last assignment for my Collection Development and Management class.  I'm officially done with that one!  Or being done with my cataloging presentation on biases in the Library of Congress Subject Headings -- are you asleep yet?  In short, my favorite thing about this week was knowing that I'm almost done with my first year of grad school! .

Hope you have a lovely weekend!


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