16 April 2012

Another No Movie Monday

This weekend was a busy one.  Well...not really.  I usually have Fridays off, but I had to go into the Archives to make up some hours I missed at the beginning of the week.  There's nothing better than spending your Friday sorting legislative mail to the Senate Finance Committee.  Or not.  But anyway, Fridays are usually my homework day, so needless to say, I had a lot to catch up on Saturday and Sunday.  I have two papers/projects due this week, plus a presentation.  Yikes!  It really is that time of the semester.  So what was my study break this weekend you ask?  

This guy right here.  Simon Baker.  He's the star of the TV series The Mentalist.  My sister and grandma got me hooked on it over the Easter weekend.  I'll admit, it didn't take much to get me hooked...I mean look at the guy.  And it's a crime procedural.  I was pretty much sold.  In the show, he's a consultant for the California Bureau of Investigation (which I am sure is not a real thing, but maybe it is).  In his past, he pretended to be a psychic.  In reality, I think he is probably just really good at deduction.  He's kind of like a quirky, contemporary, U.S. version of Sherlock Holmes (although Simon Baker is actually Australian).  After much searching -- yep, I'm putting those library skills to good use -- I found the series online.  And the rest is history!

So...after typing all this out I just realized that I actually went to the movies this weekend.  Like to the actual theater!  Wow, I think I need a vacation.  But I saw Salmon Fishing in the Yemen.  Great movie -- you can't really go wrong with Ewan McGregor and Emily Blunt. Seriously check it out if you get the chance!

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