30 November 2011

Wednesday's Wonderings

Why am I homesick now? You're in graduate school, Grebner. Buck up. That's what I keep telling myself. But seriously, ever since I got back to IU after Thanksgiving break, I have seriously been pining for home. Worse than ever. Worse than I was during my semester in Washington, D.C. Quite possibly worse than my first semester of undergrad. Maybe it's because I just spent nine wonderfully lazy days at home. Maybe it's because I got to spend time with old friends. Here's what I do know -- 14 days until Christmas break!

How had I never seen this website before? My Daguerreotype Boyfriend. Do yourself a favor and click that link. I often think I was born in the wrong time period...and now I know that I was! But in perusing the not so eligible bachelors last night, I am left wondering why all the ones that I found attractive were convicts, criminals, or cowboys (minus young Hemingway, of course). Hmmm... I must have a thing for 19th century bad boys.

What ever happened to Amelia Earhart? No seriously. Where did she go? I mean, I have my theories. 1. She didn't want to be found and lived happily ever after on a deserted island with Fred Noonan. Clearly her marriage wasn't a happy one. 2. She landed the plane on the water (which she was trained to do) before realizing that that particular patch of the Pacific was shark infested and she was attacked. 3. It was a government conspiracy. Come on Navy, you forgot to charge your radio equipment? I don't think so.

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