02 November 2011

Wednesday's Wonderings

Why do I keep having dreams about teaching high school history? My Billy Joel, "We Didn't Start the Fire" assignment would be pretty awesome though. In undergrad, I started out as a secondary education major. That lasted all of two semesters. I thought I was too hardcore. I thought I'd go to law school instead. Obviously I didn't do that. Now here I am, getting a masters in history and another in library science. And what am I doing in my free time? Googling Teach for America, that's what.

Can Madeleine Albright please be my grandmother? Okay, so I have two wonderful grandmother's already, but I would totally take her too. I heard her speak on campus this evening and I was in awe of her for the entire hour. Only six rows separated me from the first female Secretary of State. She was surprising candid. And surprisingly funny. She is a strong woman who has a great life story to tell.

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