26 March 2012

Movie Monday: My Chronic Wanderlust

Even if you've only known me for a short while you probably know of my love for Amelia Earhart.  So I was super excited this past week when a friend sent me this article about Hillary Clinton meeting with a team that thinks they might have found the island where she was stranded following her plane crash.  This article inspired me to watch the film Amelia  for probably the hundredth time.  It stars Hilary Swank as AE and Richard Gere as her husband and publisher George Putnam, along with the always handsome Ewan MacGregor as Gene Vidal.  It got pretty horrible reviews when it came out -- but I love it!  It's filmed in a flashback and it jumps around a lot.  If you don't know the story of her life, I could understand how you would be confused.  But...I've read just about every biography/autobiography published on her.  

I've never felt such a strong connection to an historical figure.  I find aviation endlessly fascinating.   I also identify with her sense of wanderlust.  And in that sense, I think her disappearance was somewhat poetic.  Her flight around the world was going to be her last flight.  She was going home.  She was going to be grounded.  And so she left this world doing the one thing she loved most.  I keep a photo of her on the wall in my room to remind myself to be fearless.  To be determined.  To never give up.  To live life on my own terms.  To find adventure.  

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