30 November 2012

fill in the blank friday

1. "The best way to spread Christmas cheer is..." Buddy the Elf would say to "sing loud for all to hear," but that might not be the best way for me to spread a little holiday cheer.  I'm a big fan of sending Christmas cards -- be on the look out, mates!  They are finished and waiting to be put in the mail!

2. The holiday season is a time for traditions...old and new.  

3. When it comes to holiday decorating... I absolutely detest colored Christmas lights and those inflatable lawn ornament things.  Go ahead and call me Scrooge, but I like to keep it classy.  White lights, a wreath, and a little garland.  P.S.  Downtown Bloomington, Indiana has it going on in that department right now.  The square is beautiful!.

4. The thing I look forward to most about the holidays is finishing up my school work and heading home to rest, relaxation, and reading for fun.

5. My favorite holiday tradition is Christmas Eve at my grandparents'.  Or Christmas lasagna.  Or decorating the tree to the sweet sounds of our Bing Crosby album on the record player.  It's a toss up!

6. This year my Christmas plans include Christmas Eve at my grandparents', candlelight service at church, breakfast with the family on Christmas morning, that lasagna for lunch -- the usual!  Oh, and probably watching a lot of cheesy Hallmark Channel movies with my mom.

7. My favorite holiday food is does pumpkin pie count?  Roasted almonds are up there too.  

Have a great weekend, y'all!
Much love,

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