12 November 2012

Playing Catch-Up

...not to be confused with ketchup (or catsup if you're weird and spell it that way), which I hate.  If you're close to me you know that I absolutely loathe that red condiment.  Like I struggle to watch you eat it kind of hatred.  But I digress...I've been blogging this semester about how much fun I've been having.  I realized today that I've been having even more fun than I have shared with y'all so here are some scenes from the past month or so!

 In October I journeyed back to my beloved alma mater and caught up with wonderful friends.
 And this one, who I am so glad to have met at marching band camp and to have had sitting next to me every day in ILA.  They all called me Mom back then.  She still does.  I'm so glad we ran into each other!
 The next night it was off to my 5 year high school reunion.  My best friend (since we were 4!) Maggie did an amazing job of putting everything together for us!  It was great to see everyone again!
 I haven't changed that much have I?  The hair has definitely improved.  In fact, I have oddly been receiving a lot of compliments about it lately.  Who knew that all I had to do was to let it go?
 The next weekend I was back in Illinois yet again.  This time I traveled north to Chicago (and saw way more of the Chicagoland area than I ever wanted in the process) to hang out with my sister and watch the U.S. Women's Soccer team take on Germany.  The above photo displays how serious we are about tailgating.  Serious about Dunkin' Donuts, that is.
 After watching the team practice the day before, I didn't think it could get any better.  But check out our incredible seats!
 And I got to see Abby Wambach score a goal right in front of me!  Incredible!
 I usually don't get into Halloween...at all.  But this year, I was persuaded by these lovely ladies to attend the HGSA Halloween party.  I channeled my inner-baller and went as a former version of myself.  Sweet kicks and all.
Then the day I'd been waiting for finally arrived.  And I was seriously FIRED UP!  Enough so, that I spent my afternoon baking donkey and elephant cookies.  I'll spare you the photos since I can't frost a cookie to save my life (in my defense, I hate icing so I have trouble rationalizing spending a lot of time on it).
 Just when I thought I couldn't possibly have any more fun...I got to go to my first IU men's basketball game.  Thanks to a great friend!  I've never experienced anything quite like it!  I now know why Assembly Hall is one of the most difficult places to play.
We're ranked #1 in the country, y'all!  I might have to get myself a pair of those candy-striped pants after all!

Wow that's a lot of photos!  My bad, y'all.  But here's to having more fun!

Much love,