14 January 2013

Somehow I Found Time for a Movie Monday

Last week marked my last first day of the spring semester.  It's a crazy feeling.  After 19 years of school, it's all going to come to an end.  And as much as I might complain about how brutal graduate school is and how much I loathe it, we all know I'm going to miss school.  It's the only thing I've ever known.  This semester, however, has the potential to be more brutal than any other.  Nothing like going out with a bang, right?  So with that in mind, let me warn you that my blog posts from now until April will probably be few and far between (who am I kidding?  I'll probably be procrastinating like there's no tomorrow).

Okay, Grebner...get to the movie already.  So this weekend, I hit up the local Redbox in the pouring rain to grab this indie film about a college admissions counselor living in NYC who is still head over heels in love with his undergraduate liberal arts institution in Ohio.  I'll be honest, part of the reason I wanted to see it was the fact that Josh Radnor plays the main character and I love him on How I Met Your Mother.  His character in this film is very similar...and similarly, I found him to be very much like myself. 

At a time when I am questioning what on earth I am doing with my life, wondering if it's all worth it, and struggling to get by this movie helped me to realize that it's all okay.  All of it.  Everything.  I shouldn't wish this time away.  I mean, when else will I have the opportunity to sit around reading books and articles all day and talking to people about them?  It's not too bad of a life.  Even if I do still hate talking in class.  This movie helped me to remember what I loved about being an undergraduate.  And it's that love that spurred me on to continue my studies.  So when times get rough -- and Lord knows they will this semester -- I need to reflect on those things. 

When I slipped this DVD into my computer Saturday night, I was feeling alone.  Homesick.  Like no one understood what I was going through.  2 hours later, I realized I wasn't alone. I love it when movies speak to what you're going through in life.   And appearances by Allison Janney don't hurt either!

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