14 December 2012

fill in the blank friday

1. When it comes to holiday shopping, I   am more of an online shopper.   

2. A few things on my Chritmas wish list are...   shoes (I'm still rebuilding my collection after this summer when my dermatologist told me had to get all new ones), sweaters (as if I don't have enough already), books (of course)...I think that's pretty much it.  I'm a simple girl.

3. An intangible gift I would like to receive is   knowing where I'm going to be come May.  It's down to DC or Georgia.  

4. A gift I would like to give this year is   gifts are supposed to be surprises.  I can't tell!.

5. My Christmas will be spent   at home in IL with the family.

6. My most favorite Christmas gift of all time was   hmmm...that's a  tough one.  Getting that Nintendo 64 was pretty awesome as a kid.  And the pool/air hockey/ping pong table with a basketball hoop was pretty great too!   

7. The best thing about the holidays is  being able to relax with my family, eat great food, and remember the reason we celebrate.

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