17 October 2011

Monday Myspace Flashback

I seriously hope historians of the future don't use Myspace posts as primary sources. Or high school Hope would come off as a serious whack job. Exhibit A (A post from 1 July 2007):

WIIWMAOM? Part III: My Emotional Attachment to Kevin Costner

Current mood:dorky

Tonight I will continue my series on my strange relationships with old men. This time, however, I will discuss my attachement to a certain celebrity by the name of Kevin Costner. I don't know what it is but I have a strong emotional attachment to the man. With every movie, I fall in love with him. I think we could be soulmates...if I was like 30 years older. Oh, and I why does it seem like he dies in every movie? And not just die, but drown. Okay, so I've only seen two movies where he's drowned, but still. When he dies, I cry. Not only do I cry, but I bawl hysterically like I've lost my one true love. I just don't know why, but he can come out a cornfield by my house any day!

I should specify that this was the final installment of a three part series entitled, "What Is It With Me And Old Men?" Apparently I was a real geriatric magnet back in the day. This is seriously embarrassing and I can't believe I'm sharing it with the world for a second time. But yet, the main argument of this 2007 post still rings true. Four years later, I still have an emotional attachment to Kevin Costner.

P.S. Can I just say how awesome it was that Myspace used to ask us what our current mood was? And is dorky really a mood? I'd say it's more akin to a lifestyle...for me at least.

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