05 October 2011

A la Rory Gilmore

When I was in high school I watched the show, Gilmore Girls. A lot. If you haven't seen it, were you living under a rock during the 2000s? It has some of the best screenwriting on TV. But anyway...the main character, Rory Gilmore, goes to college at Yale. Once there, she goes in search of her perfect study tree. She finally finds one that she likes only to find that someone is sitting at her tree the next day. I'm pretty sure that she paid him twenty bucks to move to a different tree.

I found my study tree. I don't go to Yale, but Indiana University is seriously one of the most beautiful college campuses I have ever seen. Especially now that the leaves are changing. My spot is by the Showalter Fountain. The tree is shady and beautiful and perfect to lean against. I should probably know what kind of tree it is, but I don't. But studying outside is wonderful. So please, please don't sit under my tree. I don't have 20 bucks to pay you off.

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