11 September 2011

Talkin' About My Generation

Cue The Who.

Ok, now that we that song playing and you're probably utterly confused, let's get down to business. This past week I've been reading Joyce Appleby's book Inheriting the Revolution. It's a study of the post-Revolution generation Americans and how they molded a brand new set of ideals for a brand new nation. Interesting stuff. In the book, you see the rise of the autonomous individual, American exceptionalism, the Second Great Awakening and racism to name a few.

But reading the words of the first generation of Americans got me thinking. How will historians write about my generation. The generation that saw Google become a verb. The generation of smart phones and Kindles. The generation that watched the World Trade Center towers fall during our most formative years. The generation that played such a crucial role in the election of our first African American president. The generation that is coming of age during an economic repression. How will they interpret our blogs and Facebook accounts? What ideologies will they attribute to us?

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