08 September 2011

Grad School. Week 3.

I've been in my master's program at Indiana University in Bloomington for three weeks now (if you count orientation). Part of me still feels like I'm a visitor, sleeping in someone else's apartment, sitting in on someone else's classes, shadowing at someone else's job. And as I walked past the Showalter Fountain on my way from the library to the IMU today, I felt like I was at home. Not Monmouth College home quite yet, but I'm getting there. Three short weeks and I've already learned so much...like,

1. I can find my way at a school that is 56 times the size of my hometown. Try that one on for size.

2. Taking the bus to campus everyday isn't so bad. It kind of reminds me of elementary school and Bus 29.

3. Three hour classes should be outlawed.

4. I should enjoy the little sleep that I do get. Even if I'm dreaming about history.

5. NPR makes the work day go faster.

6. Pack your lunch the night before.

7. Rent is evil.

8. It's okay to go back to Illinois.

9. Everyone feels like the dumbest kid in class. Most of the time.

10. I have a great group of friends (at IU and at home).

Stick around and see how I fare with writing my first paper this weekend!

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