10 February 2010

Cabin Fever? Snow Gracias!

As I look out my third floor window (that is partially covered with snow), Snowpocalypse 2.0 is still wreaking havoc on Tenleytown. Today marks the sixth day in a row that American University has been closed. The undeniable cabin fever is setting in with a vengeance. My days have been spent reading for the most part. And calling people from home. Calling people I would never normally call. And texting...and Facebook stalking (yes, that's right, I just confessed to an ungodly amount of Facebook creeping. Remember, I'm living vicariously through all of you who can actually venture outside without facing imminent death). And watching an embarrassing amount of Gilmore Girls on DVD. I stay up late and sleep in. It sounds like a pretty good life, eh? It was pretty cool for the first few days, but the novelty is beginning to wear off. I'm ready to be able to walk down the street without wearing three pairs of socks and two pairs of pants. I'm contemplating going for a run around my building.
With our deteriorating weather situation, it appears as if the university will be closed again tomorrow. Snow day number seven. But no official word yet. Please keep me connected with the outside world, even if I do live on an island of snow.

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