26 February 2010

A Bullfeathers Birthday and Midterms

This past week brought my 21st birthday...and midterms unfortunately. I started off my week by counting every page that was in the collection I have been cataloging at work. Apparently, the company that does the digitizing needs to know a rough estimate -- within a thousand pages! A thousand pages! So I ended up spending my entire day counting to 11,000! Have you ever tried counting to 11,000? Don't. Ever.

Tuesday was another day of work, but I didn't have to count anything! Instead, I got to integrate documents from another collection into the collection that I've been cataloging! Sounds thrilling, huh? It was pretty interesting though since most of the documents dealt with trips overseas. I was definitely living vicariously through them! Tuesday also began the birthday celebrations as I went out to lunch with my internship supervisor. We went to Bertucci's for some pretty awesome Italian food! Then just when I was feeling a little down and lonely, my friends surpised me with some valentine's birthday brownies! And then I opened my birthday presents at midnight. I got a Nintendo DS with a Brain Age game. I apparently have the brain of a 62 year old.

Wednesday was the 21st anniversary of my birth. I suffered through my seminar all day in anticipation of my birthday dinner. We all went out to Bullfeathers on Capitol Hill. It has a Teddy Roosevelt theme and there were a lot of government workers there -- it was a pretty cool scene. And then I successfully ordered my first drink: a gin and tonic. We had some dessert (apple pie ala mode) and then proceeded to wait for an hour for our checks! What a great waiter! But it gave us plenty of time to talk and laugh about our crazy semester in Washington, DC.

The next day was midterm day in my Holocaust class. I debated whether or not I even wanted to go to my seminar so I could stay home and study. In the end, I went down to Georgetown for my seminar and made it back to my midterm in time. I feel pretty confident about it, but we'll see!

One more week till spring break! =)

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