14 February 2010

"Button Your Sweater..."

Friday brought us back to class for the first time all week. And then it was the weekend...

I spent my Saturday volunteering at the Washington Home and Hospice. It's a nursing home just a few blocks from my building. So I spent my morning chatting with the residents while they got their nails done. Then I ate lunch and hung out with them at "Happy Hour," which was essentially a jazz pianist playing for a couple of hours. During this time, a lady with Alzheimers started singing and dancing. And then she told me to button my sweater (which was a cardigan by the way). It was too funny! Then this lady just handed me a rabbit and told me to take it around to the residents. This was the biggest furriest rabbit I have ever seen! It looked more like a small sheep than a rabbit.

Today I went to the Allen Chapel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Southeast DC with a few of my classmates. It was definitely an experience! I'm used to a very reserved service -- but here, there was clapping and shouting and moving around. It was awesome to see how other people worship. The highlight of the service was when one of the trustees came to the front and proposed -- on Valentines Day! The church went crazy! I really enjoyed the music too! And the people -- so beautiful and accepting. I'm not going to lie, I didn't know how they would feel about us being there. They were so welcoming though...more welcoming than any church I have ever been to in my entire life!

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