21 February 2011

Where's Slovenia?

So the other day in class my philosophy professor asked us where Slovenia is. No one answered. He proceeded to walk over in front of me, stomp his feet, and say, "Come on Grebner, where's Slovenia?" Like I was the only person in the class who would know. Yeah, right. What do I look like, some kind of geography wiz? I looked at him blankly. Let's hit the pause button. Do any of you know where Slovenia is? Without looking it up? I didn't think so. And if you do, you win the gold star for the day. So here was my answer, "Eastern Europe." Always play it safe, Grebner. He laughed. He wanted something more specific. So I guessed -- and I guessed wrong. So I guessed again and finally I was getting warmer. It's in the Balkans. When I got back to my apartment I did some research -- Slovenia is surrounded by Italy, Austria, Hungary, and Croatia. And I will never ever forget it.
This is Slovenia...

So where is this going? I'm going to the Balkans! Bulgaria specifically. In June. For three weeks! It's not Slovenia, but it's the same general area. It's not exactly a popular tourist destination, but it looks like a beautiful country! Get ready for more posts as I prepare for my trip to Bulgaria (not Slovenia)!
And this...is Bulgaria!

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