13 January 2011

Arkansas? Yes, Arkansas.

Sometimes I'm wondering if by seeking a degree in History I am missing out on my true calling as a travel agent. Yes, I'm serious about that one. I get way too excited about planning trips. Take Tuesday for example -- a friend casually mentioned that Mumford & Sons (one of our favorite bands) only has one U.S. tour date...and wait for it...it's in Arkansas. Arkansas? Yes, home of the Razorbacks and Bill Clinton.

So I immediately and with all together too much excitement started researching this as if we were actually going to go. As it turns out the band is playing at a huge music festival in Ozark, Arkansas. Technically, it's the Wakarusa Music and Camping Festival at Mulberry Mountain. So I decided that it would be perfectly plausible for us to road trip down from Illinois on a Friday, go to the show Saturday night, and then drive back Sunday. I looked up the fastest routes, approximate travel time, and possible hotel choices.

I have way too much fun planning trips. And apparently to obscure places like Arkansas. What started out as a joke has become pretty serious. There is a definite chance I'm going to be in Arkansas the first weekend of June.

Now I just need to plan a spring break trip...any ideas?


  1. Didn't we go to Arkadelphia or something crazy like that?