09 May 2010

Home Sweet Illinois!

I'm home!! After a seemingly endless last day in the archives, breakfast at my professor's house, and a two hour history final my days in DC came to an end. My last precious hours were spent at the Library of Congress, which I have to admit was a great way to end my time in the nation's capital. I spent my mornings in the Manuscript Room looking at documents penned by Roosevelt and Taft. It was quite an experience. Last summer, I held LBJ's letters in my hand, but these seemed even more special. I don't know what it is about letters. I guess it's knowing that they picked the piece of paper out of the drawer. They took out their pen and touched it to the paper. Their arm rested on it as they wrote. That's what I love about history. I love following the documents and piecing together the story. Now, a month ago I knew absolutely nothing about Elihu Root. After my time at the LC I have a new appreciation for the Progressive Era -- or at least I have a better understanding.

Then the family rolled into town, I ate my last Friday Night Dinner (at Chipotle of course) with the roommate, and we were on our way back to Illinois! I have never been so happy to see the rolling fields and all-around flat-ness of the state I call home. I have never been so excited to drive. And drive I did. After only 3 days at home, I went to Monmouth to see the people I missed so dearly all semester. I had a great time filled with laughter, stories, and of course Pepperoni's pizza. And as a storm rolled in Thursday night, I knew I was home.

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  1. The storm. The "we screamed so loud it was unnecessary" storm. haha