18 April 2010

Pe-Can Pie and Armadillos...

Only one week of classes left! That translates into 3 days of work, 3 days of class, and a final! Then I'll be on my way home -- where the night's are quiet and you can see the stars!

This weekend was a busy one! Saturday morning I went to do some community service hours at DC Food For All. This was a really efficient organization! So I spent my morning packing up boxes of food to be delivered to shut-ins in the DC area. Then it was off to the Washington Nationals - Milwaukee Brewers game. I got to see the Presidents' Race again, have a heart to heart with my seminar professor, and debate the pronunciation of pecan. Is it pe-can or pe-con?? All of this because one lone Nationals player has a country song play when he comes up to bat. Chicken Fried by the Zac Brown Band. Which is now Kathryn's and my song. All the others have hip-hop/rap songs. It was nice to see the Nats pick up a win for once! After the baseball game, we trekked out to RFK for the DC United - Chicago Fire game. We had pretty awesome seats in the crazy fan section, Barra Brava. We had to stand up to see and the bleachers were literally shaking! People were throwing their beers in the air, they set off smoke bombs, and they were constantly singing or chanting. It was an amazing atmosphere! And Chicago won!!

Then today, Kathryn and I returned to Crepes-a-go-go in Dupont Circle for our last weekend crepes. Crepes-a-go-go was a total find -- Nutella and Bananas -- you can't beat it! After breakfast we took the train up to Rockville to work at KEEN -- a sports camp for disabled kids. So I spent my afternoon chasing after kids, playing basketball, and playing duck duck goose. What a day! But the long walk there from the Metro gave us time to practice our swagger! Afterwards, I said that I could curl up in a ball and sleep forever -- like an armadillo. Although I've never seen a live armadillo, only dead ones on the side of the road in Texas.

17 days until Monmouth!

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