21 March 2010

A Local Tourist and Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman

March brought the long anticipated week of rest and relaxation otherwise known as Spring Break! And with Spring Break came a long weekend with a dear friend. Showing a friend around my newfound home of 3 months gave me the opportunity to be a local and a tourist. We walked down Wisconsin Avenue past the National Cathedral to Georgetown, stopping at a beautiful park on a hill. We went to the White House and the the monuments. Of course we had to go visit our good friend Abe! Then it was time to be a local and head to Busboys and Poets for some good food and an amazing atmosphere. We wandered around Eastern Market on Sunday and went shopping at Pentagon City before going to see Alice in Wonderland in Chinatown and to grab a bite at Ben's Chili Bowl. Monday was the long day of tourist activities. We visited the National Archives to see the Declaration of Independence and the Magna Carta (among other amazing documents), the Supreme Court to sit in the actual court chamber, and the Library of Congress! Tuesday we visited the National Postal Museum.

And then I was on my own for the rest of the week. And when I say on my own...I mean it. It got pretty bad. I resorted to watching old episodes of Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman online. Pretty bad, but I miss that show. Why aren't there more historical dramas these days?

Then it was back to work...and school. 1 month left until it's home sweet Illinois! It's hard to believe that my time in DC is almost up! I have a feeling the rest of the semester is going to fly by!

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