31 March 2010

Awesome Blossoms

The cherry blossoms are blooming!! It's definitely an exciting time to be in Washington, D.C. While I wasn't on the Hill to witness the passage of the health care bill, I did stay up well into the night to watch it on C-SPAN -- that's right, I watch C-SPAN now. D.C. will do that to you.

Saturday I went to do community service hours with Greater DC Cares at their Toolchest in Southeast. It was quite an experience! The Toolchest is in an old public school that could seriously be the set of a horror movie. It was awesome to help clean and organize their warehouse though. I spent my morning with 5 other volunteers sorting rakes, shovels, and paintbrushes and cleaning up from their last big service project.

Then it was off to the National Cherry Blossom Festival! Saturday was the Kite Festival on the Mall. There were so many people, but it was awesome to see the cherry trees there!

The rest of the week has been a whirlwind of academia as I've been trying to get all my papers completed so I can actually enjoy the weekend! Karen is coming to visit! She gets in tomorrow night. Friday I think we're going to hit up the National Zoo and some museums and then Saturday we are going to a Nats-Red Sox game. It's going to be great to see someone from home and the weather is supposed to be awesome!!

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