31 January 2010

Panda Parties and Tax Evasion

Today marked my first trip to the National Zoo. Despite the snow on the ground and the cold weather, we journeyed the 3 short metro stops to Woodley Park to say hello and goodbye (perhaps we should have said aloha) to Tai Shan the panda. On Thursday, he's flying to China to be trained to live in the wild -- or so I've heard. And DC is quite distressed about his departure. The entire city is in mourning. There was an article in the newspaper the other day entitled, "Bamboo-Hoo." He was outside playing in the snow. He would run and slide down the hill. We probably stood there watching him for a solid 10 minutes, before walking through the rest of the zoo.

On the way home we had the brilliant idea of stopping at the Giant grocery store. So we wandered around picking up our items. Kathryn, of course, made me carry her Gatorade around the store. When we finally made it to the checkout, there were no bags at our aisle. I proceeded to take one from the next aisle, only to get yelled at for not paying the five cents for my plastic bag. DC imposed a five cent tax on plastic bags this year. So the guy proceeded to yell at me, until another worker just told me to go ahead and leave without paying for my bag. In other words, I could be prosecuted for tax evasion. And DC isn't a state, so does that make it a federal offense? DC's most wanted criminal -- that's me.

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