23 January 2010

District of Columbia 101

Seventeen days ago, I arrived in my new home --at least for the next four months. Seventeen days ago, I moved to American University in Washington, DC. I am going to be studying, working, and living here until May. This is my journey. This is my adventure. This is my story.

I've seen the White House. I've been to the Washington Monument and the Smithsonian. I've visited my congressman. I've learned to navigate the Metro, and I've gotten lost. I've discovered that DC is a lot warmer than Illinois. I've volunteered in my neighborhood. And I've eaten at Ben's Chili Bowl, which apparently makes me a local.

And oh yeah, I go to class and work too. On Mondays and Tuesdays I intern at the General Federation of Women's Clubs in their Women's History Resource Center. Basically, I spend my days looking at documents about some of the most amazing women in history. The rest of the week is consumed by seminar class: Transforming Communities. We discuss issues like civic engagement, economic mobility, poverty, diversity, etc. At night I take a class on the Holocaust, which has been amazing so far. Currently, we are discussing the roots of anti-Semitism. I had no idea how far back it can be traced.

So here's my proposition: this blog will serve as my journal of my time in Washington. I will try post multiple times a week about what's going on. I welcome any suggestions of things I should do while I'm in the city.

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