16 October 2012

Tuesday Tune-Day: Eddie Vedder Says it Better

Okay, judge away.  Yes, I am an Eddie Vedder/Pearl Jam fan.  Little known fact about me.  Side note:  His stuff for the movie Into the Wild is incredible.  Beautiful music.  Real music.  
But anyway, don't you just love it when you hear a song that fits exactly what you're going through?  Exactly how you're feeling?  I think it is one of the greatest joys of music.  Lyrics can bring us together.  They help us remember that we're not alone. And this song just fits.  Eddie Vedder says it better than I ever could.  I'll let you use your own detective skills to figure out why.  And...as an added bonus...the ukulele is the main instrument.  Doesn't get much better than that!

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