11 September 2012

Tuesday Tune-Day: In a New York Minute

Today is September 11.  A morning when we all realized that everything can change in a New York minute.  At least I know that I did.  I was 12 years old.  Sitting in my 7th grade science class.  And then we were going home.  Classes were cancelled so we could be with our families. Even though we were thousands of miles away. What was happening?  I remember being afraid to go to sleep that night.  The feeling of safety and innocence of our youth was gone.  It was almost as if we lived in a different America.  Even at 12 years old, I knew that something had changed.  And I wanted to remember it.  I collected newspaper and magazine articles.  Read everything I could.  Kept my eyes glued to the television.  Maybe it was nothing more than morbid curiosity.  But I think that in a time of great tragedy and horror, I found my love for history.  By experiencing history...as removed as I was...I gained a sense of how important it was to remember.  To never forget.

And so today, I remember.  We remember.  We remember the men and women in the World Trade Center, in the Pentagon, on that plane in Pennsylvania.  The police departments, fire departments, EMTs, and our military.  We will never forget.

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